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Kristine McGuinty
Mcguinty View of Moraine Lake
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Kristine grew up in a small town north of Toronto, Ontario. Creating art was a part of her life growing up. However, having a passion for nature, she chose a future in forestry. She attained diplomas for her studies in Forestry and Parks & Recreation. She loved working in the remote northern forests and how it brought her closer to nature. Her forestry career brought her out west to Alberta in the mid 80’s where she worked in this field for eight years. A career change brought her back to her artistic roots. She operated her own photography and art studio for 19 years in the Peace River area. She also started taking fine art classes from the community college where she was introduced to printmaking, fine art photography, drawing and painting. Her career as an artist started unfolding and she took part in group and solo shows throughout Northern Alberta. Recently Kristine and her family have moved to St. Albert, Alberta where she works full time as an artist and photographer.

As an artist she says she is attracted to colour, strong lines and symbolism. She is drawn to the narrative qualities in a paintings, where paintings show renderings of tension and harmony, soulfulness and calmness. Her aim as an artist is to portray these qualities in her work.

Artist Statement

My artistic expression for this body of work is inspired by the Canadian Landscape. My stylized paintings are reminiscent of the Group of Seven, who have influenced generations of Canadian artists like myself. I like to play with the representative forms in our landscape; I see the limitless possibilities of their abstract forms but paint them with the possibilities that lie between. Our landscapes are in a constant evolution of change, so slow that we often overlook it. I admire the static illusion our landscapes represent in the moment when we observe it. Especially the subtleties of light in nature and the impact it has on how we see the quality of colour and shadow. It can create a luminosity over the landscape that lasts for only a couple of minutes. Then the light moves on or the clouds diffuse the light, shifting the colours and the shadows in nature again. Light on a landscape can read as dramatic, diffused , direct, indirect and filtered. I want to play with these qualities in my paintings.

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